Unit 11


Upon watching the videos, the one main thing I’m nervous about is remixing photos. I had a terrible time just trying to figure out how to trim pictures out of background scenes. I have no idea how I will manipulate them to get them into a different form of media. We shall see. That recut version of the Shining is absolutely fantastic.  And the poem by Bukowski (one of my favorite writers) just makes me depressed that I don’t write more often. Despite being a dirty old man, Bukowski is a heck of a motivator.

Part 1 of Everything is a Remix – I love the Zeppelin explainer – knock-offs and covers being the legal way to rip someone off. Zeppelin did it illegally – shame that none of the people they stole music from had broad audiences – and were typically from a slightly different brand of music so it may not have been as obvious as if they had stole it from other rock groups.

Part 3 of Everything is a Remix – interesting to think that copying can be seen as an integral part of creating as opposed to a diversion from it. Im not sure I buy that, but I believe its true that you cant create in a vacuum. Inspiration from other great works is proof of that. Copy – Transform – Combine.  Meaning nothing is truly original.

I watched both of these videos along with the Fair(ly) Use Tale including the Disney characters. My thinking on what a remix is is that it’s a more blatant form of utilizing others’ ideas than what has been employed in the past. There’s no doubt people steal – but a lot of times I believe people are simply inspired by other works, use them to generate their own ideas or creative motivation and creation. I think good remixes have to be clever enough products to justify the use of other people’s ideas. In other words, I’ll accept that a remix is worthwhile, if in combining previously created elements, it demonstrates new creativity. I think that’s the definition of a good remix anyway. A bad remix is anything that steals other people’s stuff for no interesting or worthwhile reason.


For examples, I watched Dont Tase me Bro (pretty lame – only inserted two clips and they dont even fit that well), Call Me Maybe/Star Wars (this one is excellent – yes its a little more formulaic, just inserting words – but it’s done well, in time and is creative in finding the clips – i love the part where they put in the subtitles over the alien talk).  Scary Mary is the best of them – it shows true creativity, simply using existing clips as building blocks for an entirely new idea.


The idea of remixing the photo of Doctorow is an interesting challenge….

Admittedly, it’s not my strong suit. I used a site called http://apps.pixlr.com/o-matic to put the effects on the image, then messed with it on Microsoft Paint. Here it is:


I did the popcorn remix.  Didnt take me as long as I thought it would. if there’s a way to shift the images so they slant or sit differently, I couldnt figure it out. It was enough for me to figure out how to upload video and lay it in.  The laying in of video has become much easier after working with Audacity and Movie Maker. Here’s the final product. (I wish it was cleaner. And I know the last video is way too long (and kind of racy) but it was the best thing I found from Bora Bora!

As for the DS106 remix I was given the task of remixing the cover of an autobiography and inserting a random character (like Uncle Bob).  I actually went as far as to download Adobe Photoshop to work on this assignment. I didn’t want to mess with the other person’s Flickr account, so I just snipped the image and used it as a basis for remixing that way. Here’s the original.


And here’s the remixed version. Its not awesome but at least I figured out how to blend a picture in and add some new text.  The new remix version of this assignment is about what happens when the ghost of your Uncle John (I know it says Uncle Bob in the assignment but I made it Uncle John) is overshadowing your hopes and dreams.


Six Stars worth of assignments

This Doesn’t Belong Here – using my new favorite photo editing site, Lunapic and two images from Google (2 stars)

MashupAssignments 1511

ET on 10 commandments


Lip Read – this was a clip downloaded through savefromnet to Movie Maker – then I had to do a soundtrack repeatedly recorded on Audacity as I watched a silent version of the clip, then matched up the audio and video on Movie Maker.

This is an Animal House scene with my https://www.youtube.com/embed/ChbRRgxUwS0“>overdub



I like remixes but they aren’t easy for me. I think with more experience – particularly with the still photograph software, it could really enjoyable. Its a challenge to me to take someone else’s work and change it and make it better. As I pointed out before, blatantly using someone else’s work as the basis for your own bothers me creatively. I don’t think what I’ve done here is particularly creative. I understand to some it’s similar to using someone else as inspiration, but to me it’s very different. With inspiration, the actual artistic product is still your own.


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