Bootcamp continued….

I am trying to complete the requirements for d106. I believe I am linked up correctly to the site and I’ve tweeted to the hashtag, so hopefully I’ll see some proof of contact so I know that I’m all hooked up.

My vote on the serial is to continue listening in class. I find that I’m absorbed more deeply than I fear I would be if I was trying to listen to it with two kids running around. I am definitely voting for in class listening.

Having trouble changing the background on my blog. I can change it in the customizer but when I load the site it reverts to the old version. I have successfully uploaded a clip from soundcloud and youtube however. The information posted on d106 about how to embed media is extremely helpful. The process is very easy as well. I still feel like I’m not grasping all the possibilities when it comes to the customizing my own blog.  (note from 2/4: i figured out that i was trying to use customize options that cost money. When I went to the customizing options for the template, I was able to change it up and make it look a lot better.)

Gardner Campbell’s article is fascinating and daunting at the same time. The idea of building my own cyberinfrastructure seems so far beyond me at this point that challenging doesn’t seem to do it justice. I understand the power of the web, but the concept of building a cyber platform that goes beyond simply expressing interests, sharing insights and jokes seems a little beyond my grasp. I suppose that when you combine the expression of your interests with the ability to share ideas and information, not just with friends, but with a broader cyber audience, I can see the potential. But I guess I still feel that the entire exercise begins to creep into what I conceive as my “regular” or “real” existence. If the way of the future is to build, create and maintain a cyberpersonality, how much time and energy will it take? How much time am I willing to give it? And in what senses and in what capacities, does it become “more” (or more important) than my real life? Or will I even have a choice? Just as we are all essentially required to have smart phones, perhaps there will be whole sections of society that will be closed off to people who don’t have cyber-selves. Now as a person who values creativity, I wholeheartedly endorse the idea that everyone should have the tools necessary to express their creativity to the fullest extent. But what about others way of creating? Do all of them become cyber-versions of themselves? Already writing is – what about music? There are plenty of sites dedicated to composing.. Same with painting, drawing, or manipulating photography. It’s a question to me of how much of our lives become cyberlives. Perhaps this all sounds like the rantings of an old person and if that’s the case, so be it. But I already watch my 11-year-old disappear into the computer for hours at a time. If his cyber-self continues to win more of his time, doesn’t someone (like his family and friends) end up losing?

As for my daily create, I chose the one on 2/3 which was to do a drawing and add words. I did the drawing and uploaded it through email to my computer, then manipulated it in a word program. Problem was that when I went to save the new version, it would only save the old version. I tried it many times, saving it in different ways and in different formats. Finally, I just took a picture of my computer screen and uploaded it that way! That said, I managed to upload it to Flickr and figured out how to tag it “dailycreate and “tdc1122” as instructed by ds106. (The tagging took me a while, but I finally got it)

Yet to figure out how to create a GIF but still working on it…..

I tried going through d106 but I couldn’t do it their way. I went to and was able to make one there (I didn’t mean to give my blog a Bill Murray theme, it just happened). But the problem I’m having is getting the GIF to the blog. I had to email it to myself and I’m trying to save it in numerous places and upload it. Trying now to paste a shared link in this blog. We’ll see if it works.

Also saw that other people had done memes, so I wanted to try that with the meme generator.



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