Bootcamp Setups for Class

I am a relative newbie when it comes to social media.

But I am excited about this class because it is forcing/encouraging me to jump in with both feet.

WordPress – As I saw Larissa also noted in her blog, I had little trouble setting up the blog, but a lot of trouble customizing it. I can’t get the picture to the right size (and I’m not sure I will forever keep a giant picture of Rodney Dangerfield on the cover, although I thought it was fine to start). The backgrounds did not work for me and it took me a while to get the font and color the way I want it. That said, there are lots of elements I still haven’t delved as deeply into as I could, so I will treat this blog as an evolving medium throughout the class. The address is

Flickr – I’ve used Flickr at work, using it to get access to photos of breaking or developing news events. We also use the White House Flickr page quite a bit since that seems to be the Administration’s primary avenue for providing still pictures. Sign up was easy and I uploaded one picture so far. That was also easy. One thing I’m frustrated about – the number of user names and passwords I have to keep track of.

Tumblr – I knew nothing about Tumblr. Sign up was simple and I enjoyed choosing blogs to follow, although I feel like you need to know what you are looking for when you start to search. Searching under terms like “poetry” produces many, many results with no clear way to distinguish between them. What I mean by that is that it’s difficult to see whether a blog is by a notable poet or the kid next door. In addition, its tough to tell if people are posting original work or someone else’s. I suppose I will become more adept at figuring out what’s what as I explore further. I am signed up as JerseyMurph.

YouTube – I have a ton of experience watching youtube videos, but none uploading them. Sign up was simple but I am yet to upload any videos. I haven’t shot anything worth posting! However, I went through the process I would need to use to post video and it seems simple.

Soundcloud – Signed up as Jersey Murph again. I’m a musician so this has been my favorite site to explore so far. Lots of interesting mashups to check out and it’s easy to like them and keep them handy.

Twitter – Signed on as jersey_murphy. I saved the best for last. I’m very excited to explore twitter and was surprised how many of my friends popped up on the list of suggested people to follow. I am yet to send my first tweet. I will wait for inspiration to strike first.

All in all, this has been a very interesting crash course in social media and was much easier to navigate than I thought.


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